Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Cottage living

I am spending the week at the cottage.  On Lake Huron.  In Michigan.  There are so many reasons that I love to write about the lake;  mostly I love to write about it to share with friends who have never been here, or think that Lake Michigan is the only place to hang, or have no idea that you can't see across the lake to the other side.  They are really, really, REALLY big lakes.  :) Fresh water. Sugar Sand. Gorgeous freighters.

When we were exploring Oscoda/AuSable/Greenbush for our cottage digs, one of the agents for a cottage we looked at an interesting view of the lake.  He and his wife didn't live on or near the lake because, as he put it, the lake was an angry lake.  Really? Angry?  Maybe about zebra mussels or polluters but that can't be all the time.  Oh well, his loss.

It does periodically whip up some impressive waves.

And it makes Mr. Handsome very, very happy.

Should you be looking for cool Michigan gear, because you know that four out of the five Great Lakes prefer Michigan AND Michigan isn't for sissies, you can shop here at Michigan Awesome.

Cheers from East of the Equator on the glorious shores of Lake Huron.
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