Friday, August 26, 2011

Top 10 reasons I am glad it's Friday

10.  It's Friday
9. I am running out of steam
8. I am getting a cold.
7. The house is in massive disarray.
6. I have mounds of laundry waiting to be handled.
5. Did I mention that I am getting a cold?
4. I can nap on Saturday and Sunday.
3. There is a remote possibility that I will get to sleep in on one of the two days.
2. I get to play with my camera and edit pictures.

and the very best reason?
1. We are celebrating our dear friend's birthday Saturday night.  Deb's birthday was in July so talk about some birthday reign!    And Paul is cooking her favorite meal, tenderloin deluxe!

w00t!  Here's to weekends and birthdays.


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