Sunday, September 04, 2011

A day in the life, East of the Equator

It's been a gorgeous two days East of the Equator.  The weather has been delightful, even the rain was beautiful.  It would be perfect, if I didn't have this raging allergy/cold/cough/hack/itchyeyes thing going on.  So drugs are on the agenda.  And it's just a small dent in perfection.

We had a gorgeous walk this AM.  The morning was cool but a little humid;  no bugs were out so we got a good mile jaunt in, complete with Mr. Handsome taking himself for a swim.


There was a gorgeous piece of beach wood.

And a magnificent freighter graced our day by heading north.

We headed up to the Harrisville Arts Fair.  The Arts part is tremendously misleading;  there are hundreds of vendors there.  We were tickled to see our favorite class vendor and we bought another spoon rest (this one for GRR).  Mickey and T's had a booth and his stuff was almost sold out.  He has GREAT spices.  We added to the collection - Greek spices- it isn't even on his website yet.  Will let you know what we do with those.

What I didn't buy was this.

From 2011-09-04

It was nice enough but $150?  Yikes.

Of course, there were plenty of wild signs, errant apostrophes, and some pretty funny misspellings.

From 2011-09-04

From 2011-09-04

He should probably slow down.

From 2011-09-04

We had some good beach time and are busy chillaxing.  Go Tigers and enjoy what's left of the weekend.


Gary said...

We bought some Mickey & T's Great Garlic and some other kind for chili about two years ago. Since then we haven't been with out it.

Gary (canoeist)

p.s. I hope that my grammar is OK, cause I know you aint got no patience for a string of bad gramar. eh!

Deirdre Honner said...

Wow, we haven't tried the Garlic but we have everything else. Will put that on the list.

Oh, and your son, the JOURNALIST, will appreciate my diligence in correcting commas, possessives, plurals, and the like. Just ask him. ;)

p.s. No eagle. :(

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm jealous. These are some beautiful pictures too! D:


follow back maybe? thanks!