Friday, March 23, 2012

That's for the birds. Really.

I never realized how much I love birds.  That being said, I can be slow.  Like now.

I am fixated with birds.  I love them - watching them, hearing them. shooting them. With a CAMERA of course.Some of my very favorite pictures from last summer are of birds.

From Seagull

From Seagull

From Eagle

From Eagle

What I enjoy most is capturing these pictures in the moment.  I can't stage them.  I can't time them.  I can only take advantage of an incredible moment in the present.  A gift of time and beauty and creation.  



nomadwayoflife said...

A bald eagle. That is so cool.

One Blonde Brain Cell said...

Great pictures.

Deirdre Honner said...

thanks! That bald eagle lives next door to our cottage in Oscoda.

Thanks for visiting Kelly.