Sunday, June 24, 2012

Garage sale

We had a garage sale on Saturday.  I have never had one before.  With the basement project almost complete, it was time to downsize some of our belongings.   I advertised on fb and Craigslist, having no idea what to expect.  Here is the kicker.  We thought that the things that would be go fast, didn't.  We thought the things that would never sell, went first.

From Garage Sale
There are a few delightful stories from the event.

I met a new, temporary neighbor, an international scholar, who needs to come see me immediately for immigration stuff.  #HR

Several of my friends stopped by to meet Mr. Handsome.  All remarked how big he is. :)And what a snuggle muffin.  And the irony that we call him little man.   #Doglove

A young man stopped by to look at our stuff.  He had a tattoo of the state of Michigan on his arm.  (it was excellent). We struck up a delightful conversation and he bought our wood Michigan cutting board.  Meant to be.  #PureMichigan

From Garage Sale

Another couple stopped by.  They just purchased a home on our street and were looking for a table.  He is teaching at the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.   It was nice to meet new neighbors.

A woman and her daughter stopped by.  They were so much fun; they chatted a bit and bought a couple of things, then came back for a fertilizer spreader.  In passing, they asked if we had dog crates. We stopped.  We had a dog crate, Allie's kennel.  We talked about and it decided not to sell it.   Intentionally had decided not to sell it.  We paused and looked at each other.

The daughter said, I have to get a new car for my dog.  He doesn't fit in my current car.

We knew.  Paul went down and got her kennel.  They measured.  I even suggested that they may want to look at other kennels.  Her kennel still had the airline stickers on it.  Maybe I wasn't ready.  But it was perfect for them.  I knew it would be.  It was meant to be.  I don't even know what we sold it for. Doesn't matter.  Allie would be proud that the kennel that shuffled her back and forth from Michigan to Cali and back again on planes, trains, and automobiles is out in the world again.   Home to another dog. 

The best surprise of the day was Abby.  She came to visit with big hugs and kisses and gave me gifts to small twigs broken in half.  As she handed them to me, she kissed them goodbye and entrusted them to me. 

From The Huhns

She helped me sweep the floor.

From The Huhns

She is adorable!

The table and chairs are still available if you need a bistro table!

From Garage Sale

Overall it was a delightful experience.  Each time I let something go, I felt a little tug.  I don't keep a lot of junk, and what I do have is valuable to me because of the memories.  It felt good to find new homes for good things.  And we still have some drywall dust to clean up. 

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