Thursday, December 06, 2012

Birthday reign

We had a big birthday in the this house last week.  We had birthday gifts, a big party, a couple of free meals, and now the end of the reign.

The birthday gift was a camera.  One big camera and one little camera. (the little camera took these pictures)

From 2012-12-02

There was lots of celebrating.
From 2012-12-02

From 2012-12-02

With 85 people in the house, we had a to move some furniture.
From 2012-12-02

and raise the chandelier
From 2012-12-02

and serve heaven from a tap.
From 2012-12-02i

It was wonderful to celebrate a major milestone with good friends and good beer.  :)  Parties like that take it out of me.  We can do it again in 10 years. 

Now we head into my favorite season of the year.  Advent and Christmas. Cheers from EGR.


Karen said...

Someone might be borrowing your glass?

Deirdre Honner said...

with a deposit.