Saturday, February 23, 2013


We were supposed to be checking on the cottage this weekend.  We had to hang back, taking care of His Handsomeness.  We don't mind.

He is improving every day.  The cone is quite becoming. 


Not ideal but it doesn't hold him back either.

We had a weekend and a meal we didn't plan on having here ... so we decided to make a few favorites. 

My favorite chicken meal is +Paul Kratochwill 's chicken piccata.

served over pasta.

We also make our own salad dressing; tonight was a delicious Caesar dressing.

mustand, anchovy paste, fresh garlic, yum!

and a fabulous wine from friends at +Amy Ruis and Art of the Table!

I love take pictures of wine.  Perhaps there is a profession somewhere at the intersection of wine and photography.  :)  

While the snow continues to fall, we look forward to the promise of spring and our little man's improving health! 

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