Saturday, March 09, 2013

the weekend

We are single digit midgets with the cone.  His eyes say it all. 

eyes of March

Monday, the stitches come out and the cone may be done.  Perhaps one more day of the cone as to not scratch the itchy, healing scabs where the stitches were.   I would rather be safe than sorry and I really would prefer to not ever experience this again. Now we just pray that the ear doesn't fill back up with blood. 

And we spring forward.  I hate springing forward.  I don't know why but it kills me.  We normally advance the clocks after lunch but I am not really fooled.  I wander around for a few weeks feeling completely out of sync. 


This weekend involves some pretty heft down time.  I have several great books to read including one that came to me for review.


This will be a post over yonder on the HR blog.


Cheers to the weekend! Rain in the forecast but no snow until next week.  Hoping it all stays south.  

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