Saturday, May 04, 2013

what do you do?

i get this question periodically from people who don't know me particularly well, and ask the question when they find that i have a cottage, and make the trek to it each and every weekend.  usually with dog in tow.

what do you DO up there, they ask? well, nothing which is the whole point of coming here but for some who need to do and not be, that seems like an anomaly.   you know, a deviation from the norm.


i stare at this:

then i walk to that and stare at this:

and this:

drink this:

and this:

and watch him stick his snout in sand and think nothing of it.

if you hadn't noticed, the one thing i do DO is pick up a camera.  and that's plenty when surrounded by magnificent beauty.

lovin' every minute of it.  every single minute.  Cheers from EOTE.

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