Saturday, October 26, 2013


It's never a bad thing to drive north.  So we did it again on Thursday to spend a long weekend at the cottage.  I had a reading day on Friday which really turns into some reading, some writing, some more reading, and a few phone calls.

That's okay.   The pounding surf is a magnificent backdrop for any of the above.

The sunrise was exquisite.

Lake Huron sunrise


And in other news, the eagle paid us a quick visit with a flyby heading north and our friend, the Olive L. Moore, motored south.  

It was a busy afternoon.

While I miss the lazy, hazy, hot, and sunny days of summer, there is a warm and snuggly feel to fall and winter at the cottage. We keep the fireplace on;  we are usually wrapped up in blankets on the coach;  we wear long sleeves and socks in the house.  It's wonderful.

It does take a little longer to take happy snaps - coat, shoes, and mittens.   But that's okay.

We are here, at least for the moment.

Tonight on the menu are pork chops and a delightful pinot from our friends at Brew Krew!  Cheers to the weekend, wherever you are.

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