Sunday, April 13, 2014


I found a photographer's website and one of the links he had was a link to his favorite pictures.  I thought that was such a cool idea.  I don't normally think of my pictures that way; rather I think about pictures as a moment in time, capturing a story or event.

A really good picture tells a story.

Which led me down a rabbit hole of looking at all 8,000+ pictures on Flickr trying to figure out which pictures I like best - one that tells a good story in the moment. So picked a few of my favorites. I don't do a lot of post-processing.  I don't really care for pictures that are over processed. Personal preference.


I love this picture.   I love the way the light streams down.  An early morning sunrise isn't always yellow.

I love this for the pink and grey.  Such unusual colors.

Most people think of the moon like this:

When the moon rises over Lake Huron more often than not, it looks like this. All squished and lopsided. I love this because it's real.

[I am absolutely obsessed with the moon

I was trying to take some pictures for friends.  Just the two of them with their gorgeous dogs.  We kept getting photo bombed.  It's what happens at a dog park.

I still laugh at these. Eventually we got it. 

And our neighbors up north create such a sense of love and belonging.  To the world. 

I took a trip with a dear friend.  We ended up both buying a plastic cow.  When I see it, I relive our hilarious adventures all over again.  The aperture is wide open, a little hazy, and a tad out of focus. Like life sometimes is. 

He looked at me when I took this (before his ear problems).  I see so much grace and beauty and gratitude in these eyes.  It's a little humbling.  

This was so much fun. To look. To post. To share.  On to another week, one step closer to summer. 

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