Sunday, September 14, 2014


We came north for a quick weekend. After our Labor Day extravaganza, we didn't have enough room to haul everything back. And with the delayed garage project, our beach room was packed with stuff to go downstate. So we let the Handsome One enjoy a weekend at the happy place we took off Friday afternoon.

What I enjoy most about northern Michigan is just how different days can look; in literally a few hours, it looks like a completely different time and place.

Friday, the waves were rocking. The surf was high, so high that it came up to our neighbor's fire ring.


Saturday started wet but moved into a wonderful, sunny afternoon.  I took a walk on the beach and found this branch driven into the sand.

We had flyovers.

And a wonderful sunset. I still can't figure out the misconception that we don't get sunsets on the sunrise side.

This morning was calm, cool (okay downright cold), and still.  Lots of fog.

and some sun.

and now, we head home.  Happy Sunday!

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