Saturday, November 01, 2014



We took a long weekend and drove north.  We had hoped to have friends join us but life on their farm kept them home.  We missed them.  But enjoyed a long, cold weekend #EOTE. And celebrated our new garage.  Seriously.  To those of you who have built up and built out; built on or from scratch, I completely and totally understand the giddiness that goes with a cement slab, four walls, and a roof.

Yes, I am this excited about a garage.  Because this is sort of more than just a garage; this is a small step in making this our forever home when we are ready to scale back.  Or as Paul says, "drop the pack."

What I love about the fall in northern Michigan is just how vibrant the colors turn in the cold weather.

Friday was raucous.


this is our lot line market.  It used to be half way to the water line. Now it IS the water line.

Morning of November 1.  yeah, that's snow.


rocking Lake Huron

The moonrise was too early to get anything but a slice of it.  With the moon up, I can't shoot the Milky Way.  Another time.


It is beautiful here.


Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!  Cheers from #EOTE!

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