Sunday, July 05, 2015

the rhythm of the fourth

the 4th of July is such a special holiday.  Given that PLK served for 22 years, we are always grateful to those fore-parents for their work and sacrifice to see the potential in this great country.  if you haven't in a while, read our Constitution.  seriously, read it.  It's so cool.


we take a long holiday here.  we start with crazy menu planning, wood splitting and fire making, big fireworks, and quiet time on the beach. every year, our BFF joins us.

it's amazing and so wonderful and all kinds of great fun.

we had a gorgeous moon.


and abundant sunshine.


and tired dogs resting and napping.


tonight, we have ribs on the barbie and will celebrate a friend's birthday.  we hope to soak in the sun, read good books, and enjoy another day #EOTE.


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