Thursday, September 10, 2015

the passing of days

Ugh.  It's almost mid September. We had a glorious August and as I continue to say, time goes by so quickly.  This is what fall starts to look like up here.
We had some beautiful days, fabulous nights, amazing meals, incredible wine, and most importantly shared it with our dearest friends.  Perhaps it is time with friends that makes the time go so fast.  (I think we have a wine fairy who comes in and drinks our wine and leaves the corks ...)

and despite the misperception, we get amazing sunsets. On the sunrise coast.

I had a glorious reading summer and enjoyed a perfect mix of fiction and non-fiction.  Some books, I read a couple of times just because they were so fantastic.  Those are truly good reads.  Work is starting to pick back up. The summer stretch allows teams and projects some grace with pace and deadlines; with most of our vacation behind us, everyone is focused and re-engaged.

But summer's ending. Ever single year, that makes my heart skip a beat. Did I squeeze the life out of each and every waking minute? I hope so.

We look forward with a mix of melancholy and gratitude.  The past summer was remarkable; the future is exciting.  There is always time for a good belly rub.  We are profoundly grateful.

Cheers from EOTE.

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