Saturday, May 14, 2016

standing at the edge of summer

Spring was a busy time for us.  While I didn't anticipate the changes in our life, I can't imagine doing anything differently.  We opened EOTE late and have been north only a few times. The few visits we squeezed in were magnificent.

There is a perception that we don't have sunsets on the sunrise side.  That's completely wrong. 

We have a hand-held radio and nerdy as we are, we like to hail our passing freighter friends.  Paul, in the beautiful gloaming of the evening, is hailing the Dorothy Ann as she heads south.  

Our Handsome Boy never misses a chance for a good nap. 

While it looks delightfully warm, it wasn't.  It was soooo cold, we were wearing coats, hats, and gloves.  

I love this old tree half buried in the sand. 

So we will enjoy the cold, lugubrious day with a fire, books, and of course, the obligatory nap!  

Cheers EOTE! 

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