Sunday, October 28, 2007


It is a beautiful fall in Michigan. It has been unseasonably warm and we are grateful, not only for us but for everyone in cold regions who don't have to spend money on heating.

The leaves are starting to fall and for the next four weeks, we will spend our weekends moving leaves. Fortunately our city picks up our leaves and all we have to do is get them to the street. Unfortunately, the city doesn't pick them up until Fridays so the leaves wander off or sometimes back on to our lawn. I would think that they would try and get them more quickly. Oh well.

We have a number of large oak trees that stubbornly hold on to their leaves as long as possible. Sometimes the snow comes before the last of the leaves are willing to let go.

Along with starting a new chapter in our lives, we are starting the process of redoing a bathroom. This should be an adventure. As Paul used to say about his job - sometimes it was a little too much adventure and not enough Navy. Hopefully this will not be the case for the bathroom. Look here for more information. Ugh.

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