Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lens with a different view

How could life get any better? Tonight, Paul is making his famous "stay in bed stew." It is a wonderful concoction that served with a loaf of french bread and a very cold pint and/or a nice glass of cabernet, could possible be my favorite meal. How could that be you ask - favorite over Paul's amazing dishes including tenderloin, prime rib and chicken curry? clean up. ;)

We spent the day putzing around the house. We have a mountain before us, sorting the merging of several homes over the last seven years and the only way to get there is to start slowly.

I have been taking a lot of pictures over the last couple of days and have calendar schedules for more this holiday season. My camera is coming in very handy. I think I will write to Santa for a new, expanded lens.

How interesting photography is to me. For that moment in time, the view I see through my lens is mine. It will never be repeated; it will never happen again. How fortunate I feel to be in that moment, snatching what I see through my camera, capturing it on my 4 gb Sandisk card. The moment, the people, the landscape, combined with the feelings of family, friends and neighbors mixed with the technology of a digital SLR, a card, a lens and millions of pixels creates the picture. Photography is so much more than pushing a button.

It was the last picture I took of her with my camera.

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Lisa said...

Dee, I think she was smiling!!

Hope you guys are well.