Saturday, November 03, 2007


We took a couple of days off and headed north in Michigan to Oscoda. I didn't take a computer ...We spent two days up there, wandering around, looking at beach front property, sampling wonderful restaurants and just, as kids now say, chillaxing. It was a nice get away.

On Lake Huron is the joy of watching the sun rise. While enjoying time in California, it was great to watch the sun set. But growing up watching the sun rise, it felt like I was home.

Saturday was a busy day chez nous as we moved mountains of leaves all morning. Paul was the guest speaker of a former shipmate's retirement and I took pictures. We stopped on the way home at our favorite place and picked up a growler. Pizza is on the menu tonight - neither of us feel much like cooking.

We are enjoying the last of the magnificent weather. It's currently sunny and 37. Next week, the snow.

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