Saturday, November 24, 2007

Where's the grass?

There was a commercial on TV when I was growing up - a woman opened a hamburger bun and said,"Where's the beef?" I feel like her when I open my back slider and look in the backyard. Where's the grass?

We have about six oak trees in our backyard (with our neighbors). Since we have no fence, we share just about everything, including the leaves. Our city will pick up our leaves if we put them in the street but we need to get them we have some leaves to move.

Our wise neighbors only do their leaves once a year - right after Thanksgiving. It's a risk - weather and all but it has served them well. This year, we are doing a collaborative leaf moving operation: Paul on the leaf blower and the rest of us with tarps, hauling leaves. Paul's military experience, especially his command and control expertise, will come in handy for this evolution.

So until Sunday, we will wonder 'where IS the grass' as Sammy chases the FD (flat disk) through knee deep leaves and wipes out and rolls over on his fast moves.


Henry said...

It sounds like Sammie is doing well.

You are actually going to trust the Commander (ret.) with the nuclear-powered leaf blower??


Paul's Blog said...

Back off, Henry. I am a professional!


Deirdre Honner said...

Well it sure isn't going to be ME with the nuclear power leaf blower!!! :)

Bob C said...

Paul could always call in a CH-46 Helo strike!
"More Power!" "Arrh! Arrh! Arrh!"

Lisa said...

Blow leaves? Now that you have a househusband? Perish the thought.

Big Johnny said...

leaves.....woman's work :^)