Sunday, November 25, 2007

On the seventh day

I would like to say that we rested but that would NOT be true. We had some leaves to move and boy, oh boy, did we move some leaves.

When we moved here in 2001, we were enamored with the beautiful area and in particular, this gorgeous yard. Having not owned a home with an actual yard, I naively failed to equate the gorgeous, towering oak trees with mountain size piles their leaves create. Paul dutifully purchased a leaf blower and based on the size of the trees, we didn't need just a leaf blower, we needed THE nuclear-powered leaf blower. It is a staple in our annual operations.

Paul started early and moved the leaves into tarp-sized piles, while I worked with Joe (our neighbor's son) to haul the leaves out front. When Paul was done with the leaf blower, he promptly picked up a rake and started hauling too. Dennis, Amy and their girls kept hauling until our collective yards were complete.

While it was some work, the end result is impressive! We have some massive leaves in front of the house. While Paul was at it, he cut the grass one more time. I had some lunch and promptly took a nap. The city better come soon before the leaves come back on our lawn.

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Lisa said...

Two of man's best friends: nuclear-powered leaf blower and a new 3 Series!

The lawn looks spectacular. What is it that makes a freshly raked lawn so darn satisfying? All you should fear now is a strong southerly breeze.