Monday, November 26, 2007

101 things around the house to do

And they won't get done today. We started the day with the best intentions of getting lots done! But THAT didn't happen...

We started the day with our first outing as a family; we all piled in the Landrover and drove to our friend and vet, Dr. Rick Scholfield and Jenn Allen, our wonderful vet tech. This is the first time that they have met Sammy. We anticipated the worst and were pleasantly surprised at Sammy's behavior. He was a little vocal (they were running a bit late) but once we got into the room, he was very good. Both Dr Rick and Jenn got lots of kisses and he took his shots like a trooper. Didn't even move! Of course, the puppy treats helped a bit. Dr. Rick and his staff are the most wonderful people. They were so good to us in the care of Allie and now they have Sammy to look after. It was nice seeing them again.

It is an icky day outside. The weather can't decide if it's going to rain or snow; hence we have wet spit falling from the sky, enough to make the grass more like mud and enough to stay inside and look for ways to entertain the hound! Sammy of course wants to go out and run, drop and roll in the goo. We would like to avoid that as bathing this dog is not something that we have yet attempted. We have had enough fun for one day.

Sammy still is not a big fan of the crate and the car. I don't know what baggage the poor dog brings with him (cars, crates, etc) but each time we leave, we promise that we will bring him home. I don't know how he will understand this other than experience. He sure has a lot to say during our travels - long travels would NOT be fun in his current state. The good news is that we start class next Saturday, so he will be accustomed to traveling in the car and experiencing something fun after being in the car. The training is in Lowell so it is a bit of a hike. Like everything with Sammy, it should be an adventure.

Comcast came out to do some work that has turned into a very long appointment. He is having some problems with our lines and can't get the dial tone he needs to finish the job. At least we have internet connectivity and television. I can live without the phone. :)

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