Monday, December 03, 2007

Back to work

Ahhhh, the grind. Back at it, back to work. It was a Monday after being off for 11 days, so it was a Monday of monstrous proportions! I did not ease back into the grind; no, rather I was thrown full body, feet first into the grinder.

The Christmas holidays are bearing down on us and I am woefully unprepared. It just "us" for the holidays and I am SO grateful for the time off. Not sure what we have planned but I do know that after the next few weeks, one agenda item for certain is SLEEP!

We have our holiday decorations out including our Christmas tree. This is a very funny story. For years, we would get a really nice tree from the East Grand Rapids high school booster. Last year, we spent Christmas in Chicago and didn't have the 'fixins' for a real tree so treated ourselves to a cheapy tree from Ikea. Well, it's a keeper. It looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We have lights on it, ornaments and even a Belleek Star. I will have to take pictures and post them. It's a tree to remember but NOT a tree to envy... :)
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