Sunday, December 02, 2007

The end of a really good vacation

It has been a glorious 11 days off. We have worked in the basement, working in the kitchen and chillaxed in the backroom. We have traveled hither and yon, fun places, grocery stores and puppy training. We have had glorious fires, snuggled under good, denin blankets and shared great wine. We have watched football, the Weather Channel and listened to good music. And I read when Paul was cooking.

We have high def thanks to Paul's efforts with Comcast, that give me (oh no coveting here) high def weather forecasts. WOO HOO.

Most fun has been getting to know Sammy. We started out rocky but tomorrow will be three weeks and he is a different dog. He is so much calmer. He knows his surroundings - what happens at the front door, the side door and the back door. He knows that sounds of our neighbors coming and going and goes WILD when sweet furry neighbor, Annie, is outside. He loves the stairs and will bound down them and up them, running in between Paul and me. He knows his place - under the table, on the floor at our feet, in his crate in the backroom and his crate in the bedroom. He has stopped trying to get on the furniture, no longer tries to take the holiday decor from the table (poor Santa) and has stopped 99% of the mouthing that seemed to be the biggest issue.

Mostly it has been fun watching Sammy with Paul. He is just a Daddy's boy, following Paul everywhere when possible, and howling mournfully when Paul is outside doing the driveway or the walk.

I will miss him when I go back to work.


Henry said...

Oh, now I'm jealous, I was sort of OK with the whole High Def thing when my father got it last Christmas (after all, I'm the alpha geek) but you have HIGH DEF WEATHER. You win!! C U @ work tomorrow.

Paul's Blog said...

Please remember the 10th Commandment, "Thou shalt not covet." :-)


Lisa said...

But it's Jim high-def!! How could one NOT covet??

The Closet Weather Geek

P.S. Good luck with the transition back to the Real World in the morning, Dee.

Paul's Blog said...

OK, Lisa. You are starting to scare me...

Big Johnny said...

Now if i could get FOX's Harris faulkner in hi-def....yummy !!