Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve!

It is GORGEOUS here. We have the whitest of white here right now! A white Christmas, what could be better? We had 7-10 inches fall yesterday. It's the good stuff - fluffy, light, easy to shovel and fun to traipse through, especially when playing frisbee with Samson!

Today will be a busy day. Our electrician Paul is coming to finish the vent/heater in the 'new' bathroom. Providing he can get here, that is almost the last of what needs to be done, with the exception of towel bars on back order. My Paul is busy making beef stock for the prime rib on Christmas day, an apple pie for this evening's dinner and Samson is enjoying a bone on the floor next to me.

We had a wonderful romp in the snow this morning. We played frisbee until I thought Samson's tongue was going to fall out of his mouth! He girlfriend, Annie, showed up to play. Sweet little thing can barely make it through the snow. But they manage to have fun.

I heard on Wood Radio that the airport is without power and running on generators. Yuck. I am so glad that we are not traveling today. Yesterday with the winds, I was concerned that we would be one of those without power today. Some estimates are power restoration is Christmas Day at midnight. What a bummer. Hope it gets up before then...

We have started tracking Santa! No power outage can stop him in Grand Rapids! Happy Christmas Eve.


Lisa said...

The snow is BEAUTIFUL. What a gorgeous Christmas it will be. I was thumbing through a new Christmas gift this morning: a photographic album called The Art of the Snowflake. It's incredible. There is a quote by poet William Matthews; perfect for your pictures and your love of all things snowy:

"And here comes the snow,
A language in which no word is ever repeated."

Seems to say it all, doesn't it? Hope you're loving your day. Sounds heavenly.


Bob C said...

Merry Christmas Paul & Deirdre. Your photos are beautiful!
Have fun in the snow.