Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I wish I could find the guy with the deep voice saying, "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!" That's us. Paul needs Tom Brady to have a BIG DAY so he can win in his fantasy football league.

The new bathroom is fabulous. We opted for an Armstrong Flooring (very hard) vinyl as opposed to very cold tile. I really like it and the bathroom is so much warmer than it used to be. I used to think of vinyl as that soft, ugly stuff new home builders used to save money; this is NOT that vinyl. It is a lovely mix of colors and is very hard. The shower is magnificent and the double sinks will allow the marriage to continue. ;) We are still waiting for the heat/vent fan to be installed on Monday. I will hold off using the new shower until it is completely done.

We got up early this am and couldn't believe our eyes. All the snow was gone! It looked like March. We took a nice walk with Samson; it was nice until the wind started to blow. The gusts have continued all morning and now early into the afternoon. I am *really* hoping that our power holds. One thing we miss about Orange County is that all the power lines are underground; here in Michigan they are not underground hence our power is subject to go out. We played frisbee for about 30 minutes and Samson was killed. Until he heard Annie outside.

We are out and about today. Pictures, a few groceries, friends and football.
Some snow is starting to fall so it may be a white Christmas after all!


Lisa said...

Two essential ingredients to a happy marriage: dual sinks and dual heat controls in the car. How did marriages before us survive!?!

The bath looks wonderful. Paul said the pictures don't do justice. Saw your comment on our blog about the snow:

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. There must be a White Christmas somewhere.



Big Johnny said...

"There must be a White Christmas somewhere."

As long as it's elsewhere.....

72 and sunny in San Diego today.

Paul's Blog said...

You have really gone soft.