Friday, December 14, 2007

The Friday Happy Dance, sort of...

I am sick...and tired... maybe sick and tired. ;) I have been battling a fever, headache and overall crummy feeling for a couple of days. And what do I do? I go to work. Yup, go to work and share the holiday cheer.

I came home a little early to sleep and try and catch up on some rest. With Jim working on the drywall in the bathroom, Samson howling because he wasn't with the action and my feverish haze, I didn't get much rest. That's ok - I have the weekend to catch up.

It was a busy week. Tuesday and Wednesday, we had our Christmas lunch at work. Each day, we had almost 300 people per lunch and it was a wonderful time. Since our office 'hosts' the lunches, it was a lot of work upfront but it was worth it. I am glad it's over. Last night, Paul and I went to dinner with his Army/Navy club. It was nice to get out of the house but I was starting to crash last night, so we didn't stay too late. When karaoke broke out starting with Sentimental Journey, it was a good time to make our exit.

This weekend is a busy one. Jim is coming back to do some work on the bathroom, we have training with Samson, dinner with friends Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday with another friend. We are also expecting snow.

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Lisa said...

No wonder no posts at the Cafe. You've been wining and dining elsewhere. Sounds like the holidays are in full swing.

How are the tires riding? Nothing like a new pair of shoes for Christmas.