Saturday, December 15, 2007


Oh happy day! We have a "Severe Weather Alert" for Grand Rapids. Woo hoo. Now, we have had promises, promises before but fingers crossed, we shall see what delivers.

We had training this morning with Samson. He continues to get better and better with commands and instructions. He is very chatty and vocal and has quite a bit to say to the other dogs in the class. There is this sweet little dog in our class who does nothing but shake. I think Samson is a little intimidating. Jeanne has us working on helping him not bark so much - by using the 'speak' command when he barks (reward) then the 'quiet' command with a hand movement (reward) he caught on quite quickly. However, he is a very independent thinker and decide that he would tell us what he thought despite the rewards. More work is DEFINITELY needed. Of course, when he comes home, he is silly as a clown.

Paul ran some errands and picked up a few new chew toys for Samson. The entire time that Paul was gone, he pined pathetically at the door. Eventually, he closed his eyes and took a brief nap. Being a German shepherd dog is tiring as he is constantly on alert, following us everywhere and trying to bring us back together if we are separated. His work is never done...

Jim is working on the drywall as I type. Tonight is dinner with Bud and Barbara, weather permitting and we are going to spend the rest of weekend chillaxin' and trying to get well!

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Lisa said...

Hey, have you guys seen "The Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic channel? We just discovered it and are continually amazed at what this guy (Cesar Millan) can accomplish with dogs. If you haven't seen it, check it out. He definitely has a gift. He says he "rehabilitates" dogs, and "trains" people. So true.

Has the white stuff started to fall? I see you're in for 6 to 12 if all goes well. :-)