Friday, December 28, 2007

It's snowing!

I am frequently the recipient of much ribbing and poking since I love snow and winter so much. I could just sit and watch it fall all day. Today is no different. It started snowing around 12:30 and it started coming down heavily right away. It has been snowing all afternoon much to my delight. :) We have found a kindred spirit in Samson - he loves it too. We were out a couple of times playing frisbee and we have a dickens of time getting him to come in. He just plops down to say - no way, I am staying here.

Paul made a couple corrections to the stunning new bathroom; a couple of places on the walls needed a touch up and he added a dimmer to the bathroom lights. That was an impressive feat - turned off the power, took out the plate holding six different switches and added the dimmer. It is wonderful. We have 60% of what we need to finish the 'chi' of the bathroom and will let it settle before we change much more. Once the towel racks are installed, we will have a better sense of what, if anything, should go on the walls. We are just thrilled with the bathroom. It's the best Christmas present (even better than the tires) that a girl could get.

We had good friends over for dinner last night. Times like that go too quickly - wish I could just stop time so we could get all the talking in. It just doesn't work that way. So we are off to enjoy our evening fire and to watch a few more flakes fall from the sky.


Lisa said...

Love the snow on his nose. Such a good dog!


P.S. The cheesecake recipe looks incredible.

Big Johnny said...

Want me to run down to Tijuana and pick up a black velvet Elvis for the new bathroom ??? Willie Nelson ??

Deirdre Honner said...

Yes! We will take Elvis!! What a perfect addition to the salle de bain! Thanks. ;)