Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

I can't believe that the holiday week is coming to an end. In the BLINK of an eye, whoosh, it's gone. Saturday was a busy day. Plumber Dave and his assistant came and worked on the dishwasher leak. They both commented on how the seal might be bad and we may be finding ourselves in need of a new one. Harumph, that sent me in a spin. Not to sound TOO bitter but I was certainly expecting a life longer than seven years. They were able to make some repairs and we will know tonight if it worked. (Fingers, toes crossed)

We worked extensively in the basement. 2008 is the year to TAKE BACK THE BASEMENT (TBTB)! We have boxes from three moves ago and we need desperately to clean it out and make it a livable, usable space. Before moving to Grand Rapids, we never had a basement. The basement is a peculiar word - seems like it can be just about anything - noun, verb, mental state. I have a love-hate relationship with our basement. I love it because it's there and HUGE. It stores good stuff and lets me do laundry. I hate it because it's a magnet for STUFF. All stuff. Right now, it is simply organized chaos and we need to fish or cut bait on stuff that we have been hauling around for years. Now that we are in one place, we have the time and energy to figure out should stay and what should go. Our goal is one hour a weekend, with one large back of trash and/or one large bag of giveaways. Undoubtedly we will have some funny stories in our TBTB initiatives. ;)

We treated ourselves to a visit to our favorite store in Grand Rapids, Art of the Table. Amy Ruis, store owner and all round fun person, helped us pick out two wonderful bottles of wine for our anniversary dinner. We picked up a wonderful Cabernet and Petite Syrah. We think that we will have the Cab with our anniversary dinner for which Paul is making us Tenderloin Deluxe. It is one of my hand's down favorites. If you are looking for good recipes, tips and tricks, make sure to check out our Foodies Blog - East of the Equator Cafe. The recipe, along with many other good eats and drinks are shared there. Join us!

This morning, we met our good friend, Jodi, for breakfast at our favorite breakfast diner - Wolfgangs. Now, this is NOT to be at all confused with Wolfgang Puck; rather our place in Eastown is breakfast only. I had the corned beef hash with hollandaise sauce with a side of rosemary potatoes. There was enough food to share the potatoes with my brekkie mates and bring home plenty for another meal.

Tonight is leftovers. We are taking care of various friends dogs, cats and birds while they travel. We are going to chillax with Samson and make sure to get a good soak in the hottub. It's hottub kind of weather - cold, overcast and very quiet. A good soak is the perfect way to end the evening.


Lisa said...

Is this 21 years? Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?

I miss our basement with a passion It was 2,700 square feet of wide open space; plenty of room for The Tot's ever blossoming collection of kid things too unsightly to be kept on the main floor, and a welcoming repository for all other castoffs and misfit items. I miss it so!

Yep. Miss Wolfgang's, too. At Wolfgang's you can just go and eat. Anything and as much of anything as you want. And no one bats an eye. Here? Here you eat out and all the anorexic/bulimic women at the tables around you are looking at you sideways while your hollandaise sauce drips from your chin. Oh, and they're also checking out your shoes, and your handbag, and whether you're wearing anything at all Burberry. It's not nearly as satisfying an experience.

I'm counting the days to be back in the Motherland. Have a wonderful anniversary and a happy New Year.


Big Johnny said...

Ah...another year of wedded bliss...congratulations.

Along with an hour a weekend...add something as simple as 15-20 minutes a day to go down and pull just one or two things out. May not seem like much, but it'll add up without burning you out. Basements ROCK !!

Big Johnny said...

ooohhh...and Stay in Bed Stew today !!! You are one lucky girl...