Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's Go Red Wings

It's been a nice evening. Paul made a nice pork tenderloin for dinner, cous cous and salad. Samson was very hopeful as he looked lovingly at Paul. He didn't get any of the pork but we did share our tomatoes. He LOVES tomatoes. Frankly, he loves just about anything that we will put in his dish. He is SUCH a funny dog.

He posed for a picture earlier this evening. After dinner, we played in the backroom while watching the Red Wings. He wanted to play with Kong (and peanut butter) and the knotted rope called buddha. Paul took him out once more and then Samson wanted to go to bed. He has gotten very good at communicating exactly what he wants. He is such an expressive dog that you would have to be a moron to not understand him. :) Sometimes we are the moron, but eventually we can catch on.

The construction company started on the bathroom and much of the old stuff is gone. The tub is ALL gone (woo hoo) and much of the floor is gone. Jim (doing the work) took out the sink and revealed some hideous wallpaper. Soon it will be gone.

I also have been playing with night scenes and finally got a good picture of the Charlie Brown tree and fireplace. Looks pretty good. :)

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Big Johnny said...

"He LOVES tomatoes."

My friend's GSD goes crazy over persimmons...