Sunday, December 09, 2007

Me and my shadow...

...or more aptly, how I tried to clean out my bathroom with a 75 lb GSD underfoot.

Paul has been gone all weekend, heading to Milwaukee for a friend's retirement. This is the first extended period of time that Samson and I have been alone together and for the most part, things have gone exceedingly well. I am thrilled to say that I wore his puppy butt out and for a 1 year old GSD, that's no small feat.

We will have to address the car sickness issue as I have just finished cleaning up the last of the vomit from his crate and my Landrover. Fortunately, it's cold enough the everything solidified and made cleaning easier. I am sure these are intriguing details leave you thrilled beyond words and will keep you reading. The bathroom is next.

I also had to clean out the main bathroom to get ready for the construction crew coming in tomorrow to start the demo. This morning was a fascinating journey into the depths of bathroom drawers and cabinets. I learned several things along the way: we do not need any more isopropyl rubbing alcohol, 4 bottles should do us for life; before buying any additional pain relievers, I should check the BACK of the drawers; nail polish does NOT age well; and we are pretty much set with 10+ (I am too embarrassed to say exactly how many) bottles of Suave, Neutrogena, Clinique and no-name brands of hand and body lotion. Interspersed with my moments of outloud "oh", "huh", and "look at that" at my wondrous discoveries, I was tripping and falling all over the hound who was JUST as interested in the smells and shapes of items coming out of drawers and off shelves.

I also realized about halfway through the cleaning stage that this bathroom is REALLY ugly, seriously, hideously ugly with sunflower wallpaper and shelf paper. I mean really - sunflowers? In a bathroom? People what WERE you thinking? There is also a dividing wall between the shower and the rest of the bathroom and it is coming out! I am only willing to share the before pictures as I am pretty darn confident of the outcome. I think it will be fabulous.

I had to run the vacuum today. Samson is not a fan of the vacuum. I am not sure what he thinks will happen but I do know that it is one thing the particularly unnerves him. I had a little barking, some maneuvering and finally, flight. He retreated to the back room to chew on his bone.

He did come back to check on me once or twice but eventually settled in the back room where he could sleep and not be bothered by work of this crazy biped. I realized that he was plum wore out (grandma saying) when I went to the basement to do laundry and he didn't come galloping down the stairs. I think that he is very anxious to have the blond-haired guy back. Then things will be back to normal, whatever that means. :)


Paul's Blog said...

I will be sticking close to home the next two weeks during this bathroom project. Looks like I will not be "Driving Ms. Deirdre" much while HWC is turning the bathroom from drab to fab!


Lisa said...

I did the same inventory after we moved and I was shocked at the quantity of things we owned: three jars of Tums? 2,000 Q-tips? Three jars of Paprika? Strange what we collect.

Can't wait to see the finished product. I know the bath will be beautiful!!


Big Johnny said...

My friend's GSD, oddly enough, is named Shadow...