Saturday, December 08, 2007

The weekend

I love weekends. I love Saturday morning most. I get up quite early on Saturday, turn on the fireplace in the front room and may (on not) have music playing. Right now, it's Christmas music. It is lovely.

Some odds and ends

Samson is sitting under the table, enjoying one of his many bones. He is not a runner, not nipper or biter but he is a chewer. I am so grateful for the chew toys, otherwise it might be my furniture! :o When our dog, Allie died, we put all her toys in the front room with the intent of giving them (along with all her other supplies) to the local Humane Society. Well curiously (or providentially depending on your perspective) the person from the Humane Society never returned our calls or emails. Now, if you are in a fundraising/advancement/development position and you don't return calls, I am not sure how well you can be doing your job. End digression. So all Allie's toys are in the front bedroom and Samson one day wandered in and discovered them! He was only allowed a bone at a time but then we brought out Kong, then the knotted rope, Buddha; then we brought another bone ... So this dog has figured out that essentially the front room holds all kinds of cool things and will periodically go and sit at the door and whimper (oh the drama). Paul and I have started calling the front bedroom "the store." Samson is at my feet, chewing on a bone from 'the store.'

On Friday, I took 1/2 a day of vacation (and it's a good thing I did) because I was driving home from work thinking, jeez, my car is running really rough. That's odd....then this humming sound started. I thought maybe that it was Samson's crate rattling around ...but my gut told me it really wasn't. When I got to the garage, I looked down and I had a flat tire! Egaads! Now, there are two things that are funny with this story. One, in all the years that I have been driving, I have never had a flat tire! I just stared at it, thinking if I looked at it long enough, it would go away. I hate inconvenience! And this flat tire was just that! The second part that is quite humerous is that I am not always that observant about things. I just move through life sort of happily oblivious, focusing only on what is important. In retrospect, I probably had that flat tire driving TO work this morning, too. The wonderful people from AAA sent someone to my house to change my tire. A nice man from Grand Rapids Towing was there in 20 minutes (even though I told them I was in no rush) and changed it right in the garage. He was done in 10 minutes and loaded up the tire in the back of the LR for me. Off to Ronda Tire to see if the tire could be saved. Of course not - so it looks like new tires for Christmas.

Merry Christmas

I also forgot to write about one of my favorite days at work. Every year for Chapel, we have the Handel's Messiah sing-along and each year, I go with my friend Pat. So many people come that it isn't held in the chapel; rather it's held at the FAC (Fine Arts Center). The Center is divided by voices - soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Many people have their own music but the chapel also provides music too. There is a place for people who don't sing but want to listen (that's me). The orchestra conductor leads the (student) orchestra and there are readings that go along with the music. That last song is the Hallelujah chorus and it is magnificent. It is a special treat for me. :)

Today is a busy one. We have training today in Lowell. I need to start emptying the contents of the bathroom to get ready for the contractors to start. I have some laundry to do and Samson will need ALL kinds of love and affection. He is missing his daddy (he is really a daddy's boy) and is sort of walking around the house looking for him.



Lisa said...

I'm so having a flashback to my former life: pot of coffee brewing, Weekend Edition on NPR, the Sunday paper awaiting a leisurely read. Today, my Sunday has been "all whine all the time." No, that's not Handel's Messiah in the background. Rather the air is full of the sound of a two year old professing what she wants or, more likely, what she DOESN'T want. Grrrr....

New tires? Again? Well, consistency in gift giving is never a bad thing. Sure makes it easy for Paul.

How did the training go? Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Deirdre Honner said...

The training was great except that fact that he threw up all over himself, the leash and the crate. Training with a vomit-covered leash is something that I would prefer NOT to experience again, if at all possible.

How was the Mac and Cheese?

Lisa said...

Mac Cheese was delicious. Lost track of myself and used too much butter, but too much butter isn't necessarily a bad thing. Ever. I posted the recipe.

Sorry about the vomit soaked leash. Nothing about that could have been good. Hopefully, at the very least, the Land Rover was spared!