Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Almost midweek musings

I spent the entire day thinking that the Red Wings played tonight and the puck dropped at 7:00 pm. I thought I heard it and fortunately, Paul heard it too...this morning on the radio. Well, it drops at 7:00 pm in L.A. but not here in Grand Rapids. Rats. I knew that they were on the west coast and in theory, could NOT be here.. but never pieced it all together. Duh, sometimes I am not that bright. No hockey for us. And a 10:30 pm hockey is WAY past my bed time.

We had a ton of snow last night. Big, beautiful, fluffy, gorgeous snow. The kind of snow that is PERFECT for snow angels but not so good for snowmen. The snow in the backyard is almost to Samson's shoulders and it is so much fun to watch him leap through the snow. I came home from work and we chased the frisbees through snow and pine trees and small scrub trees. For some reason, the snow brings out wickedly good smells that easily distract Samson from the frisbee at hand. But it's ok to go smelling. It's part of playtime.

Most schools closed this morning. I had an 8:00 am dentist appointment and my good doctor was in early, as was I. A normally 5-7 minute drive took almost 15 minutes. I drove slowly along streets, trying not to swerve this way or that, watching other drivers fare not as well, bumping into curbs and sliding around corners. But I made it to work with no problems other than a whole lot of slush on my car and my boots.

The weather will be the topic for the next couple of days. We anticipate another several inches tonight into tomorrow. It does make me laugh, this time of year, people act surprised at this weather - like, it's winter....in Michigan ... in January. And 6-8 inches of snow is shocking? Come on....it's why we LIVE here. :) We may or may not make it to Samson's training tomorrow night. If it is coming down hard, we will probably pass on making the trip. It's a hike. We can practice at home.


Paul's Blog said...

Well, the Wings won, 3-0. Woo hoo!

Lisa said...

Kind of like when people come to the desert in August and say, "Wow. It's hot." Snow? In Michigan? In January? Go figure. :-)


Big Johnny said...

I had to wear a jacket to work this morning... :^(