Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Life in Black and White

Despite promises of another winter wallop, we ended up with barely enough snow to warrant the snowblower. Paul does find almost any reason to use some power tool - whether it's the snow blower, nuclear-powered leaf blower, lawn mover and heaven forbid (and Henry's favorite tool) the dreaded chain saw. So he did power up the snowblower and proceeded to move some heavy wet stuff for us and for our grateful neighbors.

It's a normal January day here in Michigan. Not much sun filters through the clouds and everything looks like shades of gray. We took Samson out to play frisbee - his favorite thing to do in the snow - and he chased his flat disks until he could barely move. When he plopped down in the snow, it was time to come in.

We are watching the first ever NHL game played outdoors. When we were involved in hockey as kids, having hockey practices outdoors were very, very cold. Add snow, and it's difficult to skate. Should be a very interesting game!

The rest of the day will be relaxing. For me, it's enjoying the last day of my vacation before heading back to work. Happy 2008!


Paul's Blog said...

And for the record, now that Bathroom Project Number One is done, I will be driving Ms. Deirdre to work until further notice. 8-)

Lisa said...

Why do weather people always to that? All the hype and escalating drama for nothing. They do the same thing in Phoenix...about rain. As soon as there's a remote chance, they're out there in parking lots and intersections with their cameras aimed at the sky. Then we'll get all of 4.2 drops of rain, but they still have to interview a dozen people about their experiences: "What was it like?" "Did you know it was coming?" "Did you have an UMBRELLA?" Crazy.

Please do your snow dance; for your own sake and that of The Tot. I've promised to take her sledding when we get to Michigan. I'd prefer to sled in snow, if possible.

Have a good day at work tomorrow. I know that's a bit of an oxymoron, but try as you might.


Deirdre Honner said...

The east side of the state got 16 inches of snow. We were ROBBED!

Back to the salt mines. Grind, grind, grind....

Big Johnny said...

"Back to the salt mines. Grind, grind, grind...."

So you csn keep Pauly in the way to which he wants to be accustomed...