Friday, February 08, 2008

Ah....the weekend

Big sigh. It's Friday and it's the weekend . It's been a good week, and a long week. The bathroom is done and it looks MAGNIFICENT. Wow, they did a fabulous job. I know it sounds lame to get so excited about a bathroom but now we have two absolutely stunning bathrooms. They are clean, warm, lovely and totally functional. While we walk in and admire the work of our team at HWCHomeworks, Samson is of course, oblivious. He wonders why we are standing around and not doing something, like chewing a bone or chasing a frisbee. Frequently, he will plop down with a big snort. I think that they teach them the GSD snort in doggie school. ;)

Tonight is a chillaxin' sort of evening. Paul has pan-seared tenderloin filets in cabernet sauce on the menu tonight. Tomorrow, we are joining our friends Jennifer and Ken for dinner. Jennifer is a gourmand much like Paul so the dinner is no doubt going to be fantastic.

We have a couple errands to run, pick up a few things for the new bathrooms, a little shopping and some TBTB work to take on. I need to do some reading and enjoying the opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh. We have a winter storm watch starting Saturday into Sunday. The weather nerd will keep you apprised of the situation.


Big Johnny said...

"We have a winter storm watch starting Saturday into Sunday"

I actually had the A/C on in the car during the drive home yesterday...sigh.... least Pauly's pension isn't taxed in the Rusty Mitten.

Big Johnny said...

And I'm having Hormel beef tips & gravy over rice and lentils for pfffffttt. :^)

Lisa said...

I hate to admit it, but I think we had the AC on in the car this afternoon, too. Arrggh! It's just too soon for such silliness. My blog weather link says it's 81!!

Life must happen vicariously through you. Please go out and make a snow angel for me. Please?


Deirdre Honner said...

Friends, the a/c sounds pretty dumb good right now. It's like -22 with windchill. Even THAT is a bit much for me.