Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh yeah!

Now THAT is some SNOW! Yesterday, it started snowing, snowed ALL day and Calvin closed early and sent us home at 4:00 pm. It was a good idea for those who had to travel, and even for me and my 2.2 mile drive home, my traction control was kicking in! Paul had trouble getting the beemer up the driveway, there was so much snow. I was glad that I had the 'tank' driving home.

I came home yesterday and we immediately took Samson out to play in the snow. We ran, played and chased the frisbee until we were ALL tired. Samson is not quite the retriever, which makes sense as he is a GSD. So WE chase the frisbee sometimes too. :)

I have been determined NOT to get the nasty flu/crud going around the college. I did get a flu shot earlier this year and I have been heading to bed early to get plenty of rest. So far, I am good.

I don't have any pictures as it's been dark most of the time and frankly too darn cold to go outside. I will have some pictures later this afternoon.
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