Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

It's super for many reasons - one for the political raucous that is swirling around us and because of yet another winter storm watch that is pending. Starting tonight, into tomorrow, we are anticipating many inches of snow. After the rain that pelted the area yesterday, I am ready for a clean layer of the fluffy white stuff.

Rain is the nadir for Samson. He gets muddy and dirty and it dulls his lovely cream and white coat. When the sky provides snow and he runs and plays in it, it's like a free and easy bath. Of course, he doesn't care an iota how dirty he gets but I do. :)

Wednesday, HWC is installing the last of the plumbing in BR #2. The toilet, the sink, the shower accoutrements and the shower door will all be installed. Of course, like many things in Michigan, this is weather contingent. I am really hoping that the weather allows them to finish up. It will be nice to have two bathrooms again!

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Lisa said...

I hear it's snowing again.