Saturday, February 23, 2008

A break

I am feeling better than yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow, I will feel better than today. Thursday, I had a headache that just wouldn't quit, Friday I had the headache, plus some chills and fever and slept on and off the entire day. I got up to check email, have some soup for lunch and a periodic visit to our new and improved bathrooms. But mostly I slept. Even with 800 mg of Motrin, the headache was still awful but this morning, it's less and just a dull ache. I am determined NOT to spiral into the 'flu.' Hopefully I can stay well.

Samson spent most of the day with me. He was a little perplexed that I was in bed, sleeping most of the day. He would come and check on me, sometimes sleeping with me on the bed, sometimes snorting and sleeping in his crate. I think mostly, he wondered why we weren't outside playing. Some things are just not explainable.

It is supposed to be a nice weekend. Sun, warmer temps and no snow. :) We are finally going to pick up my birthday gift - a tripod for my camera. And I will 'chillax the weekend, reading if my head allows. Putzing if it doesn't.
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