Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In your dreams

Dreams. They are the darnedest things.

Last night, while we were drifting off to sleep, we listened to Samson sleep and dream. When Allie was still alive, she would periodically wake me up with her dreams. They were hilarious; she would be running, jerking, barking, murphing (a combination of muffled barking) and farting. Yes, farting. And they were some humdingers. Any one or all of these would wake her up from a sound sleep and she would lift her head to cast an eye our way. She was convinced that we woke her up and she was irritated. If her farts woke her up, she would triumphantly sniff the air, snort a bit to let us know that somehow it was our fault, and go back to sleep. With that kind of perfume in the air, it took us longer to slumber. All of life, ours included, revolved around her. But with a dog like Allie, we didn't mind. Not one bit, bit players in her life. She was something.

This time, it was Samson's turn. He was dreaming. In the middle of his sleep, he was dreaming a tad- deep rhythmic breathing, snorting, a squeak here and there and a tiny bit of murphing. We love to hear him sleep and dream; it tells us that he is more and more comfortable in his environment. We had training again tonight and he makes great strides but needs focused work in some areas. We do now and probably always will wonder what goes on in those furry little dreams.

We are also allowing Samson to make some of his own decisions. We leave the crate open during the day and at night. He has the freedom to come and go, move around, explore. He isn't a bed sleeper, preferring his crate but around 4:00 am, he comes and checks on us. Once or twice, he has jumped up on our bed and curls up in a ball. For a 95 lb dog, he doesn't take up too much space! We look forward to the time when we can come and go, the separation anxiety is no longer an issue and he has free roam of the house. Dreamin' but soon enough.

I am a HUGE American Idol fan. We talk about it at work and even have a committee that coordinates its meetings around Idol so we can talk about the singers. I have great admiration for these men and women - I haven't a lick of musical talent and I so enjoy watching people pursue dreams with such passion and conviction. And the music is so fabulous! Big dreams!

It is a balmy 10 degrees outside. It is COLD and crystal clear. The lunar eclipse is about halfway there and we have a stellar (pun intended) view of the entire event. I don't think that there could be a better night for sweet dreams.


Big Johnny said...

GSDs in particular have NASTY farts....

American Idol ???!!! Ugh....It's pre-empting "House" !! :^(

Lisa said...

Go figure a thunderstorm would impede our ability to view the lunar eclipse. Thunderstorm. In The Valley of the Sun.

We'll probably have another right about the time of the next lunar eclipse.

Dog toots are disgusting.


Deirdre Honner said...

True, Lisa but admirable. No human can let loose AND be so proud as a GSD. ;)

Lisa said...'ve got me there. Normally we just try to blame each other. The dog? The dog does have pride. Like...Yeah, I made that!!!