Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Half way there...

...oh, on a prayer....(sing along, will you?) After all, it's American Idol and wow, things are starting to heat up. Last night, the guys sang and some were incredible. The gals just finished and they were so-so, in my humble opinion. I think a guy will win it this year.

We had training again with Samson tonight. We enjoy some of it but have noticed that we are stationary quite a bit of the time which for Samson is not productive. He is a high-energy dog and to get him to sit around for the good part of an hour is just that much fun. Hopefully some of the other active trainings will be interesting for him, and us and will keep him engaged. I do like the fact that he engages with other dogs and that is helping his social skills. Another area that needs work is his ability to differentiate between 'play' time and 'work' time. All in good time. :)

Paul is working away on his networking and having a blast. I have never seen anyone have so much fun job hunting - in between networking, phone interviews, talking with recruiters and scouring companies, he has become a Grand Rapids guru. He is as busy as I am, and I go to a job everyday! One position that he was presented with was located in Oklahoma. You know, wind-come-sweeping-down-the-plain Oklahoma. Um, that would be a 'thanks but no.'

And we are expecting more snow. Yes, MORE SNOW. PLEASE SEND US MORE SNOW. ;)


Big Johnny said...

More snow ???

I actually slept with the patio door and bedroom window open last night...hand to God.

I do NOT miss winter !!

Deirdre Honner said...

Oh that's enough out of you. Go back to your stucco-coated condo and bake in the sun.

Pluth. :P