Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Weekend

The snow was another non-event. Despite 'storm team' reports and promises of 2-5 inches of snow, we got a little bit, a smidge, dusting. The snow we got fell all morning but it wasn't too accumulating. Samson enjoyed the snow, of course. He sits by the window, waiting for his furry girlfriend to come out and play. When she comes out, Samson tears through the house, whining pitifully, almost panicked that he might miss her. We absolutely know when furry girlfriend is outside. The whine is unmistakable. The two did have a couple of wonderful romps running around the backyard.

It has warmed up considerably here, right now it's 25 degrees with a high today of 30 degrees. This will help us get the ice off the cement. Sunday, we are expecting rain. Rain. Go figure.

We also heard that our good friend Deb, broke her leg while walking her two dogs. :( She had surgery last night and we will be stopping by to see her today.

Speaking of walks, we took our Handsome boy for a walk this AM. It is beautiful out - lots of sun, a brisk breeze and a lot of snow. He had his normal fun eating, sitting and playing in the snow.

We are heading downtown to the West Michigan Home and Garden Show courtesy of our friends at HWCHomeworks. There are all kinds of neat exhibitors, presenters and demonstrations. Should be a lot of fun. The rest of the weekend may involve some TBTB intiative, though the basement and its holdings are simply not that interesting right now. After all it's March, and Spring should be right around the corner. ;) Yeah right.

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