Sunday, March 02, 2008


My colleague at work has an almost 2 year old who, when she has a boo boo, says oweee. Deb has a BIG, BIG owee boo boo. Poor girl, broke both bones in her right leg. She has enough plates and screws to set off metal detectors for the rest of her life. She had her dogs running in the park, slipped and fell. The damage seems disproportionately bad for her description of the fall and neither she nor the doctor know how her leg could have broken so badly. She is off her leg for the next two weeks after which she will be in a cast for eight weeks. For as active as Deb is running and playing with her dogs, this is such a bummer. I imagine that we will be seeing her frequently over the next couple weeks as her oat pops will need replenishing and someone will need to do her laundry. :) We are heading over to the hospital to see her later this am.

After visiting Deb again Saturday afternoon, we headed down to our favorite place, Founders, for a pint and a growler refill. They were out of our favorite peanuts so we had the pretzels instead and sat at the bar, chatting and enjoying the view of all of Founders magnificent beers.

Paul made chicken curry for dinner with plain cous cous and green beans. We had a nice evening and hit the sack early. It's a busy day today. We have to get ready for the installation of our new windows, finish up laundry and visit Deb. The house has spiraled into chaos so we need to restore the chi and clean up! The weekends simply go too fast.

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Lisa said...

Have they figured out how she managed to break BOTH bones in her fall? Poor Deb. Hope she's feeling better now that she's home and in familiar surroundings.