Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just in time for Valentine's Day - A Heat Wave

Happy Valentine's Day! I can't stand artificial holidays but if you are a lover of the day, enjoy! Wow, it's a whopping 19 degrees and we are looking at 30 degrees today. Amazing. It really is something how much of a difference 10 degrees makes when it's cold. Yesterday, the sun came out and the ice was able to melt, making driving bearable. Of course, we have MORE snow in the offing. Tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Jeez. Pictures coming.

We had training with Handsome Boy last night. Wednesdays are busy. I work, come home, change and drive to Lowell. We had good fun but best was play time before class. Samson LOVES to play with other dogs. He is so good and I love that we can run his little puppy butt out. In fact, he was SO tired leaving class, that he couldn't jump up into the Landrover. Paul had to help him up. :)

Off to the salt mines!

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