Sunday, March 09, 2008

The beauty of dirty windows

It's Sunday evening and Paul is on the mend. That's a good thing since he is the cook and his cooking is better than anything on the planet. He actually cooked tonight - Chicken Curry - and there is enough for leftovers and maybe even a lunch. Whew, no more take out. :D

Earlier in the day, I ran some errands since Paul was still in recovery, picking up edibles from D & W and some food for Samson, including a new bone. :) Samson still has some very funny habits including hoarding. When he gets a new toy/bone/Kong, he immediately runs away to test out his new "thing." When I gave him his new bone, he took it and ran to the backroom. I didn't see him for a bit. But later in the afternoon, when I was enjoying the quiet of the front room, the fireplace cracking and beautiful view from our window, our dirty window, he brought me his bone. He was sharing.

After he put his bone on my lap, he sat at the window and just stared outside. It must have been 2 or 3 minutes, Samson just sitting, staring out the window. It made me wonder about his time, the year prior to coming to live with us,whatever his life was like. But here he is now, staring out the window, marking it up with all kinds of nose prints, all five feet of the window. I thought about getting up and cleaning the window, but in that moment, decided that there was nothing more beautiful than his nose prints on a clean window.

When we said goodbye to Allie, we both thought it would be a long time before a furry quadraped joined our ranks. But we realized that we are dog-people and that our lives are not complete without the companionship of a furry soul, even if he makes our Pella windows dirty. We could BE so lucky.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. Maybe, just maybe, we are done with winter.


Big Johnny said...

"Maybe, just maybe, we are done with winter."

80 in Chula Vista yesterday :^)

But then we pay $3.35 for gas on base :^(

Lisa said...

Fortunately, any lingering contamination with respect to the cook probably burned off in the cooking process!

Katie and Samson have a lot in common: hoarding, a trail of dirty windows. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was a bit feral.

Stay healthy.