Saturday, March 08, 2008

A true guardian

Paul has spent all of Saturday in bed. His fever is still up there - right now it's 99.8 down from 100.7. Poor guy. He is hacking, sneezing, wheezing and shivering. I wish that I could disinfect myself but the best I can do is, as Lisa says, wash my hands copiously. Of course, I am absolutely paranoid that I am going to get sick and just can't afford it right now with work. (Fingers and toes crossed).

I did want to post the cutest pictures. Other than our two walks, which took a considerable amount of cajoling, Samson will NOT leave Paul's side. He is sleeping, with one eye sort of open. I am working around the house and Samson has not checked on me one, not even when I refilled the puppy treat jar! :o

Paul was going to make Chicken Curry with cous cous tonight. I don't think that will happen...I think that we will be having "10 minute" (Grand Lakes Chinese) for dinner.


Henry said...

I will give you official permission to stay home from work, if you are sick or if the Commander needs your care. Does that relieve your guilt???

So what did you cook from 10-minute tonight?

Deirdre Honner said...

Thanks Henry! I think that Paul will live. Our cousin Mary recommended Muscinex (sp?) and it was done wonders for Paul!

We had seasame chicken and hunan beef (VERY SPICY) and some steamed dumplings. Their dipping sauce is the best.

Safe travels!