Saturday, March 08, 2008

A true guardian

Paul has spent all of Saturday in bed. His fever is still up there - right now it's 99.8 down from 100.7. Poor guy. He is hacking, sneezing, wheezing and shivering. I wish that I could disinfect myself but the best I can do is, as Lisa says, wash my hands copiously. Of course, I am absolutely paranoid that I am going to get sick and just can't afford it right now with work. (Fingers and toes crossed).

I did want to post the cutest pictures. Other than our two walks, which took a considerable amount of cajoling, Samson will NOT leave Paul's side. He is sleeping, with one eye sort of open. I am working around the house and Samson has not checked on me one, not even when I refilled the puppy treat jar! :o

Paul was going to make Chicken Curry with cous cous tonight. I don't think that will happen...I think that we will be having "10 minute" (Grand Lakes Chinese) for dinner.
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