Saturday, March 08, 2008

Who am I?

It's Saturday and it's early. What makes this day different is that Mr. Paul is still horizontal. He is SICK and will probably be in bed most of the day. Fever, chills, horrible cough, all kinds of congestion and overall crappy feeling. Poor guy. The only thing that can make this any worse is if I get sick. ;) (I will NOT get sick...)

Samson is a little freaked out that Paul is in bed and won't come out. When I got up to take Samson outside to go potty, I shut the door to let Paul sleep. When we came back in, Samson immediately ran to the bedroom door and started to whine. I let him sit with Paul for a while, but Samson kept pawing him and licking his face. I brought him out with me so Paul could get more rest, much to Samson's chagrin.

I was updating the blog and working on my domain, and I got to thinking about identities. There is a cool program called Open ID that lets you create a single 'net ID for stuff. There was another guy/company talking about this years ago and has one of the best PowerPoint presentations that I have ever seen - you can watch it here. It's all about managing the electronic YOU. I am sure that there are others too. What's crazy is who I am in so many different places - I am Linked In and Facebooked, Blogger and Google Apps, Discussion groups and boards, listservs and other networking places, not including all the e-stuff at work. I can barely keep up! I can't afford to do a MySpace or a Xanga - not enough time! Sometime, somewhere all this will need to come together for me. I can't remember who I am from place to place. :) I am going to try the Open ID and see how it works. I will report back.

I will need to do some work this weekend. With Paul sick and Samson lonely, I have my work cut out for me. Oh, one final note, we are excited to see the return of Darren McCarty to the Red Wings. He played here in Grand Rapids for a bit and the Red Wings called him up! Go Darren. Enjoy the weekend.

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Lisa said...

Hopefully Samson is the only one whining.

Wash hands copiously! That's the only thing to save you from contamination.