Friday, March 07, 2008

The Friday Happy Dance

Oh yeah! It's Friday! Woo hoo.

We had a busy week. Wednesday night, we had the last of our puppy training. Samson also took his 'Good Canine Citizen" test and while he didn't pass, he did really well. The one part of the test that we were both sure he would fail, he passed with flying colors. It was the separation test where we had to leave him alone for three minutes. In the past, it has NOT gone well but the night of the test, he didn't miss us at all! Wow. Where he missed was the 'meet and greet.' He had to sit while Paul shook the hand of another person , who also had a dog. Samson was far too interested in the other dog to stay in a sit. It was never our intent to take the test and we are SO proud of all the progress that he has made. And Paul did a great job walking Samson through the paces.

Our new windows are installed and are AMAZING. The company doing the work, Window World of West Michigan (an arm of HWC Homeworks) did a fabulous job. The six windows were done in half a day. And what a difference they make. In an old house in EGR, it can be drafty but these windows have cut down the drafts, most noticeably in the dining room. The candles at dinner didn't flicker a bit.

It is early this AM. Paul took off about 0530 to go check on Deb and let out her pups. He makes her a latte and gets her meds set for the day. It's nice to be so close. She is going to head to Chicagoland for a couple of days to stay with family. I think it's a good idea for her to take a break and change the scenery. She is doing well but it's still a long road to healed.

Lastly, our hearts are with my boss, Henry and his wife (and our friend) Jan. Jan said goodbye to her mother earlier this week and the family is traveling to New York for the funeral. They have a wonderful family and good friends and our thoughts and prayers travel with them all.

Happy Friday!

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