Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Saturday!

It's Saturday morning and I can say with great confidence that it will not snow today. Tomorrow, well maybe. And Monday too. Fabulous.

We had a busy Friday. Paul was in GP saying hello to his parents and visiting his friends John and Maria. I think that there was all kinds of fun to be had - food, wine, probably a nice dram of scotch and some beautiful pictures of Lake St. Clair. He took the good camera and sent some magnificent pictures of the lakeshore. He also took a spin up to Selfridge and used his 'retired' id for the first time. Wow, that seems so odd to write!

With Paul gone, Samson and I were on our own. I worked from home on Friday, learning a new computer program. I also found time in the day to run over and say hello to my good friend Abi and her sweet son, Noah. Noah likes to pull on my teeth so I had fun talking about work projects and biting Noah. He has the most beautiful smile and giggle. He has lots of toys but in true engineer-to-be fashion is much more interested in the DVDs hidden behind cabinet doors. No matter what the toy distraction might be, Noah is NOT fooled. It was wonderful to see them and I enjoyed the cappuccino brownie. (Oh yum) I should ask Abi for the recipe. They were delicious!

Samson decided to sleep at my feet most of the day. It was warm enough so I pulled back the blinds in the backroom so he could sleep in the sun. For whatever reason, he LOVES to sit under my desk which makes it relatively impossible for me to work. He had the funny little crossed-paw thing going so I was able to grab my camera and take a few beauty shots.

For dinner, I decide to do a chicken bake. It's something that I can do without too much risk and frankly, effort. It's not much fun to cook for just me so the easy chicken bake it was. The recipe calls for chicken with olive oil, lemon juice, white wine, tarragon, basil and red pepper flakes. It was ok. But not great. It's missing something and I can't quite figure out what...of course, when all else fails, cheese is an option but I didn't think of it last night. So I will play around with the recipe. Maybe after cooking, I could put some cheese on it and broil it for a few minutes or maybe there is another ingredient that would add some umph. Regardless, the wine was good. ;)

Paul is heading home this AM. We have a date with Deb to rehang her window treatments and deliver her laundry. We may cook for her or perhaps grab 10 minute tonight and have dinner at her house. She is vastly improving but still not mobile.

That's about it for the day. Time goes quickly, especially on the weekends. Enjoy it!


Sincerely Abi said...

We so enjoyed seeing you yesterday. It's clear that Noah loves visits from you! :) Have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

Cappuccino brownie? And you didn't IMMEDIATELY ask for the recipe?? My mouth is watering just reading the words.

Please get it. Please? Pretty please???


Deirdre Honner said...

She posted it through the Foodies Blog. OH HAPPY DAY!!!