Thursday, March 27, 2008

March? Really? Seriously? What?

It's snowing. And it's accumulating snow. I am sitting here watching the snow fall down and accumulate on the grass. Big, white, fluffy stuff falling from the sky in almost April. We just laugh! What else can you do?

Of course, Mr. Handsome LOVES the stuff. Or maybe he is just such a happy dog that he is oblivious to what is falling from the sky and making the ground marsh-like and swampy. I suspect if puppy treats fell from the sky, he might be more interested. One thing I notice about Handsome Boy is that he does everything at FULL SPEED. And full speed at 95 lbs is pretty darn full and dangerous speed. When we feed him at night, he gallops to the back room, knocking the small sofa and ribboning the rug. One of us will look at the other and say, "You really need to feed him more..." If you saw him running for dinner, you would think that we never fed him. Of course, there couldn't be anything further from the truth; this dog is spoiled rotten and his favorite dinner is Prime Rib. This dog hit the lottery. :)

I stopped by to see Deb and pick up her laundry. She is doing very well as are her pups. She still can't do stairs so the laundry fairy (that's me) is happy to wash, fold and iron her clothes. They will be done tomorrow. She also had her windows replaced and I had a chance to inspect the work! WOW. Awesome windows. Kudos to our friends at Window World and Dave. They did amazing work. Paul took down all her window treatments in preparation for the window installation and needs to get back over to her house and rehang them. The windows look awesome.

My foot is doing well. The bruise is an amazing purple/green/dark blue color and I am still lacking a little feeling in a few of my toes. That should return in time. I hope. Of course, the stitches are still a wild blue and are so weird to look at and feel. It is also weird to move my foot and feel the stitches pull. Yuck. I am ready to be done with stitches.

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Lisa said...

Think of it as just an early April Fools joke. Then, by April 1, you'll have fair winds and blue skies.

I hope.

Hang in there.